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Your February 25, 12222 Weekly Horoscope Is Here & It's The Calm Before The Storm

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You are giving in personal relationships. If you would like to write a letter to the editor, please forward it to letters globeandmail. A sense of inner strength guides you now. Actor Sean Astin shares your birthday today. Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Tags : Follow Horoscope Follow Daily horoscope. After that, the Moon moves from Scorpio into Sagittarius.

You're flying away and everyone loves you for it. With Mars in your spirituality house forming a sextile with the sun in your career house, you're intuitively receiving important and energizing insight from within. Venus is in your eighth house of death and rebirth and it's opening you up to a deeper level of intimacy and sexuality.

You're oozing romantic vibes and everyone is intrigued by your mystery.

Your daily horoscope: February 25 - The Globe and Mail

As Mars in your friendship house forms a sextile with the sun in your adventure house, you're meeting new people in beautiful places and loving every minute of it. Venus is right in its sweet spot as it spreads the love throughout your seventh house of partnerships. Now's the time to forge one-on-one relationships, open yourself to trust, and be there for somebody.

As Mars in your career house forms a sextile with your house of reincarnation, you're experiencing positive transformation in your public image. Now that Venus is swirling through your sixth house of work and health, you're in the midst of some deep self-care. Spend time beautifying, rejuvenating, and taking care of your well-being. As the sun in your partnership house forms a sextile with Mars in your adventure house, trust that spontaneity will only bring more love into your life.


You're feeling the good vibes with Venus in your fifth house of fun and pleasure. You're the life of the party; the living embodiment of creative inspiration.

Make art out of your existence. With Mars in your house of reincarnation forming a sextile with the sun in your house of productivity, you're getting so much work done and feeling great about it. Venus is in your fourth house of home and family and your heart is being called back to its roots. You're the soul of the home and your closest loved ones know your beauty best. With the sun in your creativity house forming a sextile with Mars in your partnership house, your joy is being fueled by one-on-one connection and commitment.

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Now that Venus is in your third house of communication, you're flirting and conversing at a wittier level than the world can handle. You're saying all the right things at just the right time.

With Mars in your house of routine forming a sextile with the sun in your home life sector, you're feeling calmed and collected by reorganizing your personal space. You're feeling luxurious and pampered now that Venus is in your second house of finance.

February 25 Pisces Personality

Check the full astrology profile of someone born under February 25 zodiac, which presents the Pisces sign facts, love compatibility. February 25th Zodiac. As a Pisces born on February 25th, your personality is defined by imagination, selflessness and intuition. Water is your sign's paired element and of all the zodiac signs, you have the only mutable connection with the element.

You're surrounding yourself with beautiful things and feeling gratified by the way money is flowing your way with ease. With the sun in your house of communication forming a sextile with Mars in your creativity house, you're encouraged to be playful and childlike.

Now that Venus is in your first house of the self, you're the sexiest person in the room and you don't even have to try. Your aura is being replenished by loving and luxurious vibes that attract everyone. With every heavy thing that leaves you this week, something golden and bright will take its place. The difficult part is just letting it happen. A focus on softness, on pleasure, on caring for each other with honesty and courage — this is no minor thing at all.

This week, lelt yourself desire every sweetness, too. Instead, when the conditions change around you, your job is to change to meet them. This week, the world might seem to be offering you shortcuts.

aysdo.chipichipistudio.com/del-cihuatlampa-a-nonoalco.php It might seem to be giving permission, even encouraging you, to avoid your less pleasant feelings, to ignore your less simple tasks. This week, try not to disavow your own heavy feelings.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

Try not to turn away from the work you know you need to do. You have the courage that you need, and you have a whole heart full of love, so use it. This week, if only for a moment, take your eyes off the future, and honor the feelings that live inside you right now. This week, just remember that your feelings can offer you information as valid and valuable as anything else.

Your Daily Horoscope For February 25, 12222

This is a week to fall in love with your own self again—with your shining mind, or with your steady courage, or with the true, dark depths in your heart that nobody knows but you. This kind of love is what makes you unstoppable.

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